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제 목 Study and Research in Europe 2011
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‘Study & Research in Europe 2011’

Date:   Thursday, April 28th 2011, 1 pm – 5:30 pm

Venue:  Korea University.Inchon Memorial Hall

15 European countries have joined forces to announce the 4th European Higher Education Fair: ”Study & Research in Europe 2011”. After three successful events at Seoul National University in 2008, at Yonsei University in 2009 and at Ewha Womans University in 2010, we would like to invite you for this 4th edition at Korea University.

15 participating European countries:

Czech Republic (Embassy)
Denmark (Embassy)
Finland (Embassy)
France (CampusFrance/Embassy)
Germany (DAAD Information Centre Seoul)
Hungary (Embassy)
Ireland (Embassy)
Italy (Italian Cultural Institute)
The Netherlands (Nuffic Neso Korea)
Norway (Embassy)
Poland (Embassy)
Spain (Embassy)

Sweden (Embassy)
Switzerland (Embassy)
United Kingdom (British Council)

Sponsored by: Korea University

Supported by: The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea

About Study & Research in Europe 2011

With Korea-EU FTA coming into effect last Oct 2010, the needs of professionals with European connection and expertise in the companies are increasing. As a result, the students’ interest in study and research opportunities in Europe is growing rapidly.

This fair aims to offer insights into study and research opportunities in European countries, including study programmes as well as on scholarship opportunities.

More than 600 students and interested parties attended the 3rd  “Study & Research in Europe 2010” and ended in great success. “Study & Research in Europe 2011” will also include presentation on European Higher Education System, country presentations by each participating country and information on job and internship opportunities. Also there will be individual booths hosted by all the participating countries ready for individual counselling.

Specially for this year, a logo design competition alongside quiz draws have been organised.  Everyone can participate in logo design competition to win a round flight ticket to Europe sponsored by Lufthansa and other prizes including a free English course at the British Council.

For registration to the Fair and the competition event, please visit the website:

Why Study & Research in Europe?

·         The Bologna Process was signed in 1999 aiming to create a European Higher Education Area with more compatibility, comparable quality control and recognition procedures.  This resulted in an increase in international exchange of both students and researchers improving the quality of European higher education.


·         Europe is a unique pool of cultural diversity and dynamics and has a long history. Students who choose to study in Europe can earn world-class qualification as well as intercultural skills and multi-lingual communication abilities that are required to become global leaders of the next generation.


·         The high academic standards can be achieved with relatively low investment. Tuition fees and daily living costs are reasonable. Europe is renowned for its great human and physical resources in many different fields. It is the best place to progress research on advanced areas such as humanities, social sciences, law, the arts, pharmaceuticals, space science, nano technology, environment, and nuclear fusion and so on.


·         There are thousands of higher education institutions in Europe to choose from offering a great variety of degree programmes both in languages of the host country and in English. In addition, there is a unique cooperation and mobility programmes offered to non- European students such as Erasmus Mundus.

Please visit our site:


Press release enquiry: British Council 02-3702-0673

                                  Seungeun Chang (Assistant Director Education)